Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Illustration Concepts Final

Here are my finals for illustration concepts II. They are about the health and environmental issues surrounding our food system. I just watched the documentary Food Inc. to do some extra research on the topic. It was very eye-opening... highly recommend it.


  1. Tina and I just watched Food Inc as well. Pretty disturbing.

    You really brought an original voice to these illustrations. I especially love the chicken, it says "something is gross and wrong here" without being overly literal. I could see it being incorporated in a magazine spread. Awesome work.

  2. me no so good. why you so good?

  3. I love this as well! Dave and I were disturbed by food inc for sure. I'm already a vegetarian, but it made me want to not even eat food... Anyhow, I would have to agree that the message comes across very well without being in your face. It's also beautiful illustration. Great work!