Sunday, February 6, 2011

Robin Hood Characters

For my Book Illustration class I had to choose a familiar character from a known story and re-imagine that character in five different ways.  I chose Robin Hood.  Here they are:
Robin who wears a Hood: He's a Bill Gates-esque character who is very computer savvy; Stealing money from large corporations and giving money to the poor; 

Robin: Spending her summer at Shearwood Forest Camp; Camp's best archer; stealing food and other goods from the boy's camp across the lake

 Rob: mobster; stealing money from corrupt banks; giving money to those in need
Robbie: a noble raccoon who steals food from the gluttonous humans; giving it to his animal friends

Robyn: Mission Impossibe-esque heroine; Using high tech gadgets to sneak into the homes of corrupt business tycoons; Giving money to those in need


  1. Very cute. I like the first one, he seems... familiar...

  2. These are awesome! You came up with really clever concepts. I like that the mobster is in black and white XD!